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SelfEnabler by Talent4Assure is a leading website that provides dozens of services like summative assessment service, formative assessment service through best quality SelfEnabler assessment tools like summative assessment test, formative assessment test, summative evaluation, and formative evaluation. SelfEnabler is basically an online-offline assessment provider which also provides the top in class educational assessment services for CBSE, ICSE, and ISC class 12 like online student skills assessment test which are mentioned above.

Many of you might be wondering what a summative assessment is? Well, summative assessments are those tests and procedures that are used to evaluate students learning, academic achievement, and skill acquisition at the end of a defined instructional period. Please note that summative assessment test is evaluative, rather than diagnostic. Some of the unique and efficient Summative assessment service provided by SelfEnabler is
End-of-unit test or chapter tests
End-of-term test or semester tests

The summative evaluation of this summative assessment test is often recorded as grades/scores in the permanent academic record of the student at the school. SelfEnabler follows the same procedure and at the same time sends this Summative evaluation results to the parents through the SelfEnabler parent-teacher app.

Like summative assessment, you might be wondering what formative assessment actually means? There are differences between summative assessment and formative assessment. Formative assessment is the wide range of procedures or methods that one could use to conduct in-process diagnosis of students learning needs and academic progress in a unit, lesson or course. A formative assessment test and its formative evaluation help the staff understand and identify the concept that students feel are confusing and struggling to grasp.

SelfEnabler provides the best formative assessment service that ensures that a student understand every topic and concept taught, the face to face interactive online classes from SelfEnabler facilitates the staff and student to communicate and conduct formative assessment tests during these sections and later do formative evaluation to find flaws and help the student with the adequate study materials and special training.

The online student skills assessment test such as summative assessment test and formative assessment test have a very important role in a student's education and this is why SelfEnabler has several such summative assessment service and formative assessment services incorporated into every program that will help the student get the maximum help and support from the SelfEnabler expert crew. Being an online-offline assessment provider SelfEnabler keeps track of every summative evaluation and formative evaluation and sends these evaluation results to the parents instantly through the parent-teacher communication app from SelfEnabler.

SelfEnabler assessment tools like summative assessment test and formative assessment test are designed and incorporated into every course because it provides the student a chance for self-assessment and this helps the student build their confidence. The Summative assessment service and formative assessment service from SelfEnabler are not for namesake and the staff and crew consider these a crucial part of the education and makes sure that every student receives the benefits of these services.

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