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21st century deals with industries and multinational companies with a huge number of workers and staff. It is nearly impossible to note the attendance at a register as writing and even if it is possible, it would be time-consuming and can be corrupted. The fingerprint scanner and attendance software is a modern technology hardware and software that can be used to note the attendance and store it digitally on a computer system. Talent4Assure has the best fingerprint attendance machine tracking system and software which also acts as a biometric attendance management system and software. These systems are produced at Talent4Assure are the best cheap biometric digital fingerprint scanner device and software available in the market right now. Today the need for online attendance system that consists of a thumb impression attendance machine and it's employee attendance software is very high, people have less time to waste and requires the most efficient and time-saving technology. The biometric attendance system app designed and implemented by Talent4Assure comes at a very cheap price and best quality. The biometric attendance management system and software are widely used now in IT industries and it has to be reliable and of the best quality, the online attendance system is frequently used wherever it is installed. The employee attendance software is attached to a thumb impression attendance machine that records the attendance and this attendance is sent to the online attendance system maintained by the owner or the management of the institution. Talent4Assure also designs and provides USB fingerprint scanner and reader, this device can be used to log into a system using thumb impression. Most of the top IT companies that need to maintain their files and information on a system with the access limited to only a few people. The USB fingerprint scanner and reader record the thumb impression of these specific staff and lock the system. Thumb impression attendance machine software installed on this device, now allows only the specified staff with the recorded fingerprint to access the system.Thus ensuring the information and files on the system are safe.

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