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Parent Teacher Communicator System

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Talent4Assure taking a step further into the world of education has introduced SelfEnabler as a tool which acts as a Parent Teacher communicator, thus bridging the gap between the two. Parent-school communication plays a vital role in the academic progress of a child. Generally, written note to parents from a teacher is addressed in case their children are not performing up to the mark in the class, but these notes are generally a waste as they set up no parent-school communication. These days parents hardly find time to check their child's diary so these notes to parents from a teacher, all turn void. SelfEnabler school parent app is also provided which makes this study even easier for the students. Students can easily access this school communication app and software and can get the current reports of their children. This Parent Teacher communicator gives the freedom to that parent that they can anytime get a report of their kid through this school communication app and software. In a way, SelfEnabler is a teacher-parent communication app which not only provides daily reports to the parents but also ensures the daily practice of the students with daily test series. With Digital India, when everything has become digital then why leave education behind. Keeping this factor in mind, SelfEnabler school parent app has been designed. We understand the importance of a parent-school communication and that is why we believe in initiating one ourselves. Our Parent Teacher communicator system comprises of daily tests and their reports that of how the students have performed in the daily test. A graphical representation of the student's performance at school communication app and software enables the teachers to discover in which subject their child lacks and how much more effort is required from their end. It also highlights the fields that the students excel and also the one that the students lack knowledge of. Our SelfEnabler school parent app provides detailed information about the student's performance. SelfEnabler, teacher-parent communication app even lets the teachers upload online homework or tests for the students. This saves the student’s time of copying the homework and then attempting it at home. All you have to do is to log in to your account at SelfEnabler and complete the homework online. Also, SelfEnabler, school parent app provides proper assistance to students in case they get stuck in any question of their homework. We all know that the homework that we get from schools is not sufficient for the practice and therefore this online homework is really helpful. SelfEnabler school parent app also links to the parents through our instant SMS service. As soon as the test results of a student are declared, the SMS is sent to the registered mobile number of the student and the reports are sent. This informs the parents of their child's performance. SelfEnabler school communication app and software is a direct communication developer between the school and the parents and the teachers and the parents. It totally eliminates the old school system of writing notes to parents from a teacher and emphasizes more on online reports. Thus, SelfEnabler is an effective school communication app and software believes in establishing teacher-parent communication the child's progress.

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