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SelfEnabler by Talent4Assure is a top in the class educational assessments website that offers coaching, training, tuition, and add-ons for students from schools and colleges. SelfEnabler has consistently maintained its uniqueness through the quality of service and programs provided. One of such best quality service is the video lecture from SelfEnabler. Biology video lectures for class 11, 12, video lectures for class 12 chemistry, video lecture of physics, class 12 economics video lectures, Mathematics, History, English grammar video lectures, CBSE class 10 video lectures, biology video lectures in Hindi, maths video lectures in Hindi, video lectures for SSC-CGL, banking & NEET, and video lectures for iit jee chemistry is some of the best efficient video lecture add-ons provided by SelfEnabler. Self Enabler video lectures service goes this way that ifa student has a problem in any topic he would inform it to our Expert of that subject. That online expert would give assistance to the student by sharing his video on that particular topic online. Video lectures are best useful for students who feel reading textbook is boring. Video lectures make the subject concept and topics easy to understand and the student can refer to these video lectures anytime and learn. A recent study conducted by SelfEnabler among students concluded that the students are more comfortable in learning and gaining knowledge through video lectures rather than reading a textbook. This is one of the reasons for providing video lectures. Class 11, 12 has an important role in a student's education. In our recent survey students conveyed the video lectures to be more useful than learning through mere textbook reading. For the student who finds it difficult to understand English, SelfEnabler provides biology video lectures in Hindi. In the same way, SelfEnabler also provides materials like video lectures for class 12 chemistry and also class 12 economics video lectures. SelfEnabler considers the class 10 very important because of the Board examination conducted at the end of this class year. The student has to prepare for this exam thoroughly to score best marks; CBSE class 10 video lectures are provided to the student for this reason. Our recent study has concluded that class 10 maths and physics is confusing and difficult to understand for majority of the students, SelfEnabler has a solution to this by providing the student's with maths video lectures in Hindi and English, video lecture of Physics and online lessons are also provided to the students for better knowledge and to enhance their time management skills. The IIT-Jee, SSC-CGL, banking and NEET coaching and training provided by SelfEnabler has add-ons like video lectures for SSC-CGL, banking & NEET, and also video lectures for iit jee chemistry and other subjects. These video lectures are strictly based on the subject syllabus published by their respective central board. SelfEnabler has an expert crew that keeps track of every change made in syllabus and exam patterns and updates the study material as well as video lectures according to the changes done in the syllabus. SelfEnabler aims to provide better education and knowledge to the students through the best and easiest possible method.

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